S#!t up on a weekly basis

Improv. It’s more than you think.

S#!t up on a
weekly basis

Improv. It’s more than you think.


Out of Line was formed in 2010 and is currently part of the brand new MISSION IMPROV project — a collective of San Francisco improvisational theatre troupes who have banded together to present some of the top improv performers and formats on the scene today. Every show is unique and will never be repeated. The first time is the last time!

The Out of Line players are:

Basel Al-Naffouri

Basel Al-Naffouri has yet to master saying the word "peanut."

Jade Argento

Jade Argento is awesome. More than 50% of the time, every time.

Michael Fleming

Michael Fleming is up to his eyeballs in diapers and loving it.

Dave Madison

Dave Madison has been making things up his whole life, but now instead of getting in trouble for it, people come and watch him on stage.

Laura Wachtel

Laura Wachtel loves tea and croissants, especially if they're organic.

Derek Yee

Derek Yee is an extremely awkward fellow who has no idea what to do with his hands most of the time.

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